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Global Pickleball Ranking

GPR Ranking is a results-based method that awards the players the points ONLY for the matches they won. Only 12 best tournaments results, over last 52 weeks, are being counted for the ranking purposes. But as all points expire after 52 weeks, it is prudent to play as many tournaments as possible to "store" some extra points to secure the rankings, even if they would not immediately count into the ranking.

GPR is age based, giving each player his/her Home Age Ranking. Every player can play UP, in the younger age category and if he/she gets any ranking points, these points will be added to his/her rankings in both age categories – to the one he/she played UP and to the one that is his/her Home Age Ranking Category. Compared to the ratings, ranking does NOT punish the players for weaker results.

Ranking points are calculated based on the combination of the SKILL level and tournament TIER level. GPR recognizes beginners, intermediate, advanced and elite skill levels and five tournament tier levels. The higher the skill and tier levels are, the more points the players receives for the matches they won.

A special category has been created for the professional players. Pro tournaments are ELITE skill level tournaments, and the professional ranking points can be received ONLY by playing in designated PRO tournaments. For more information, click on FAQ tab.

Tournaments and Leagues

Pickleball Global Tournament and League software makes managing the tournaments and leagues as much fun as playing in them.

The league software will help you to run various types of leagues, from social shootouts, challenge ladders, flex leagues, up to very popular team leagues.

The tournament software will help you to run combined draws (combination of the round robin and elimination draws), double elimination draws, or round robin draws with or without final playoff matches.

Organizers can create any number of divisions (brackets) within a few minutes. And with the help of the intelligent court map, automatic seedings based on the results, by using digital score sheets showing live scores for everyone involved in the tournament, running the tournament is as simple as it can get.

Players on the other side will enjoy an easy access to the registration for the events and live scores updates during the event.

They will know upfront what courts they will play next and also be able to monitor the live scores of all the matches that are currently being played.

Top Ranked Players

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