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2020 Taiwan Open Pickleball Championship

2020 Taiwan Open Pickleball Championship


Organizer: Lin JiaSian


Starting:November 28, 2020 to November 29, 2020
City:Taichung City, Taiwan
Register Deadline:November 14, 2020 (OPEN)

Tournament Location

Taichung International Tennis Center
Taichung International Tennis Center, Jingxian Road, Beitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan

2020 Taiwan Open Pickleball Championship

2020 Taiwan Open Pickleball Championship Starting: Nov 28, 2020, to Nov 29, 2020, City: Taichung, Taiwan Address: Taichung International Tennis Center Divisions : Men's Singles Men's Singles 19+ Intermediate ( 3.000 - 3.999 Level) Men's Singles 19+ Advanced ( 4.000 - 4.999 Level) Men's Singles 50+ Intermediate ( 3.000 - 3.999 Level) Men's Singles 50+ Advanced ( 4.000 - 4.999 Level) Men’s Doubles Men’s Doubles 19+ Intermediate ( 3.000 - 3.999 Level) Men’s Doubles 19+ Advanced ( 4.000 - 4.999 Level) Men’s Doubles 50+ Intermediate ( 3.000 - 3.999 Level) Men’s Doubles 50+ Advanced ( 4.000 - 4.999 Level) Women's Singles Women's Singles 19+ Intermediate ( 3.000 - 3.999 Level) Women's Singles 19+ Advanced ( 4.000 - 4.999 Level) Women's Singles 50+ Intermediate ( 3.000 - 3.999 Level) Women's Singles 50+ Advanced ( 4.000 - 4.999 Level) Women's Doubles Women's Doubles 19+ Intermediate ( 3.000 - 3.999 Level) Women's Doubles 19+ Advanced ( 4.000 - 4.999 Level) Women's Doubles 50+ Intermediate ( 3.000 - 3.999 Level) Women's Doubles 50+ Advanced ( 4.000 - 4.999 Level) Mixed Doubles Mixed Doubles 19+ Intermediate ( 3.000 - 3.999 Level) Mixed Doubles 19+ Advanced ( 4.000 - 4.999 Level) Mixed Doubles 50+ Intermediate ( 3.000 - 3.999 Level) Mixed Doubles 50+ Advanced ( 4.000 - 4.999 Level) Suggested Travel Itinerary Itinerary suggestion 1: 2-Day Tour of Central Taiwan Itinerary suggestion 2: 3-Day Tour of Northern Taiwan Itinerary suggestion 3: 4-Day Tour of East Taiwan Itinerary suggestion 4: 4-Day Tour of Southern Taiwan Recommended Travel Period: Nov 15 to Dec 14

Travel to Taiwan with Pickleball 2-Day Tour of Central Taiwan

DAY 1 | Taiwan High-Speed Rail-Taichung Station ➠Guang Xing Paper Mill ➠ Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area ➠ Puli Elementary School Gym ➠ Hotel 【Guang Xing Paper Mill】 https://www.taiwanpaper.net/ Mr. Huang Yaotung established the Guang Xing Paper Processing Workshop in 1965, where he dedicated his work in developing and improving the quality of paper. In 1973, the workshop was renamed “Guang Xing Paper Mill”. Visits to the Guang Xing Paper Mill must be booked in advance in order to appreciate the process of papermaking; visitors can even experience the fun of individual papermaking steps such as paper formation, paper pressing, paper drying and rubbing etc. 【Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area】 https://www.sunmoonlake.gov.tw/en Sun Moon Lake, also nicknamed “honeymoon lake,” has been selected as one of the “Eight Views of Taiwan” for over a hundred years. The lake is named so due to that the shape of its eastern part, which is like the sun and the western part, which is like a crescent moon. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau has not only successfully turned the lake into a paradise for honeymoon trips but also makes it a must-go destination for tourists at home and abroad. 【Nantou County Puli Elementary School Gym】 Play pickleball with Nantou Pickleball Association’s players. DAY 2 | Hotel ➠ Nantou County Puli Elementary School ➠ Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village ➠ Taiwan High-Speed Rail-Taichung Station 【Nantou County Puli Elementary School】 Play pickleball with Nantou Pickleball Association’s players. 【Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village】 https://old.nine.com.tw/webe/html/information/ Formosa Aboriginal Culture Village was established in 1986; total area is 62 hectares. The culture village features aboriginal cultures, combining tourism, culture and educational functions. It is located in Yuchi, Nantou County, near Sun Moon Lake. The culture village has made great efforts in updating the amusement facilities and services and has shown the vigorous spirits of the aboriginal tribes.

Travel to Taiwan with Pickleball 3-Day Tour of Northern Taiwan

DAY 1 | Taiwan High Speed Rail-Taichung Station ➠ Taipei 101 ➠ Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall ➠ Hotel 【Din Tai Fung】 https://www.dintaifung.com.tw/eng/index.php Din Tai Fung is a Taiwanese restaurant franchise specializing in Huaiyang cuisine. Din Tai Fung is known internationally for its xiaolongbao. It was named one of the top ten restaurants in the world by The New York Times on 17 January 1993. In November 2009, the restaurant's first Hong Kong branch at Tsim Sha Tsui, Silvercord Branch (新港店), was awarded one Michelin star by the Hong Kong and Macau 2010 edition of the Michelin Guide. 【Taipei 101 91F Outdoor Observation Deck 400】 https://www.taipei-101.com.tw/en/observatory/gallery91 From Gallery 400 on the 91st floor, you can take in all the spectacle of seeing the city and the sky from a great height, but you can also learn about the construction of Taipei 101 and our annual fireworks display. 【Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall】 https://www.cksmh.gov.tw/en/ The main hall of the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial was designed by renowned architect Yang Cho-cheng. The tented roof is constructed in an octagon shape, with double eaves and with multiple layers of large dougong. The ridges of the roof, which is covered in Chinese blue-glazed tiles, form the shape of the Chinese character for “person” (人). The roof crown is 5.25 meters tall, and shines a golden hue against the blue sky. DAY 2 | Hotel ➠ Taipei Beitou Sports Center ➠ National Palace Museum ➠ Hotel 【Beitou Sports Center】 Play pickleball with Taiwan Taipei Pickball Association players. 【National Palace Museum】The history between the Kuomintang and the communist party contributed to the relocation of National Palace Museum (NPM) artifacts to Taiwan and the artifacts subsequently becoming a crucial part of Taiwan's culture. A review of the NPM's history shows that it has inherited China's national culture spanning thousands of years and shoulders the responsibility of preserving and publicizing artifacts. Most of the artifacts from the NPM's collection came from The Palace Museum the preparatory department of the Nanjing Museum (previously the "National Central Museum"). 【Shilin Night Market】 https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002016&id=154 Shilin Night Market is the one of the largest night markets in Taipei. The market is centered on Yangming Theater and Cicheng Temple. The night market is formed by many prosperous shops on Wenlin Road, Dadong Road and Danan Road, etc. Among them, Shilin Market was built as early as in 1899 and the market is famous for various snacks and eatery. Many visitors have come to Shilin Night Market to enjoy the delicious foods, such as large pancake enfolding small pancake, hot pot on stone or Shilin sausage. Shilin Night Market has become a renowned place for great foods. DAY 3 | Hotel ➠ Jiufen ➠ Yehliu Geopark ➠ Taiwan High Speed Rail-Taichung Station 【Jiufen】 https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002016&id=290 The most prosperous shopping district is Jiufen Old Street. It goes through most of the village. There are many visitors on the street. Along the street there are shops vending the most famous country snack of Jiufen, yam dish and various local dishes. 【Yehliu Geopark】 https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002016&id=155 Because the rock layer of seashore contains sandstone of limestone texture and it is subject to sea erosion, weathering and earth movements, there is particular scenery consisting of sea trenches/holes, candle shaped rocks, and pot shaped rocks. The place is divided into three sections. The first section has rocks like Queen's Head, Fairy's Shoe and Candle. The second section has rocks like Bean Curd, Dragon Head. The third section has sea-eroded caves, seal shaped rock, etc.

Travel to Taiwan with Pickleball 4-Day Tour of Southern Taiwan

DAY 1 | Taiwan High-Speed Rail-Taichung Station ➠ Chikanlou ➠ Hayashi Department Store ➠ Yonghua Sports Center ➠ Hotel 【Chikanlou】 https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002016&id=471 Tainan Chikanlou(Chihkanlou)is built by the Dutch in 1652. It was originally called Provintia. In Dutch it means eternity. The Chinese called the building "Chikanlou(Chihkanlou)", "Fanzailou" or "Honmaolou". Although Chikanlou(Chihkanlou) has gone through Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty and the Japanese Colonization Period, it basically still maintains its original look. 【Hayashi Department Store】 http://www.hayashi.com.tw/page.asp?nsub=A8A000&lang=E In 2014, its status as a department store was restored, with a great many limited edition Hayashi goods on sale inside. In addition, there are some important points that must not be missed: The elevator's floor indicator is the old style dial type, now probably the only remaining one in Taiwan, which preserves the authentic feel of the place. The Torii shrine on the top floor is also one of a kind, be sure to go upstairs and have a look. A hole in a wall from the bombing by US Forces during World War II is a link to the building's past. 【Yonghua Sports Center】 Play pickleball with Tainan’s players at Yonghua Sports Center. DAY 2 | Hotel ➠ Yonghua Sports Center ➠ BCP Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park ➠ Anping Old Fort ➠ Garden Night Market ➠ Hotel 【Yonghua Sports Center】 Play pickleball with Tainan’s players at Yonghua Sports Center. 【BCP Blueprint Cultural & Creative Park】 http://bcp.culture.tainan.gov.tw/en/ Blueprint Cultural and Creative Park is a miniature cultural and creative park on Ximen Road, Nan District, Tainan City. The park uses the space of the old dormitory to provide services such as art performances, cultural experiences, seminars and catering. 【Anping Old Fort】 https://www.twtainan.net/en/attractions/detail/4493 In 1624, Dutch built the first fort in Anping, Taiwan, called "Fort Zeelandia", now known as Anping Old Fort, where has been the administrative center of the Dutch regime, and the hub for trading. The building was originally constructed in square inner fortress and rectangle outer walls. In 1661, the fort was renamed as Anping to commemorate his home town when Guoxingye (Cheng Cheng-Kung) has driven the Dutch out of Taiwan. Therefore, Fort Zeelandia was also known as "King's Fort" or "Taiwan Fort", nicknamed Anping Old Fort. 【Garden Night Market】 https://reurl.cc/6gooD5 Tainan’s famed Garden Night Market might not boast the same history as other night markets in Taiwan but has rapidly grown into a huge night market with nearly 400 stalls. It is not only the largest night market in Tainan but also one of the most famous in Taiwan. DAY 3 | Hotel ➠ Fu Wan Chocolate ➠ Donglong Temple ➠ Paradise of Deer ➠ National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium 【Fu Wan Chocolate】 https://www.fuwanshop.com/?locale=en 2018 Best Asian Chocolate in Taiwan: Fuwan Chocolate let Taiwanese Cacao Beans Shine over the world! Taiwan local brand Fuwan Chocolate received the golden award for the ICA World Chocolate Competition. The total record of 5 golden, 2 silver and 1 bronze awards put Fuwan Chocolate onto the world stage. 【Donglong Temple】 https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002122&id=A12-00244 The temple where the great Wen-wang-ye deity is enshrined is located at Jhongjheng road in Donggang Township. The triennial sacrificial Donggang King Boat Ceremony is famous all over Taiwan. In addition, the giant pailou (decorated archway) in front of the main door of Donglong Temple, made of pure gold foils, is resplendent and spectacular. 【Paradise of Deer】 https://www.ktdeer.com/ Parent-child attractions where you can get in touch with sika deer. 【National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium】 https://www.nmmba.gov.tw/En/Default.aspx National Museum of Marine Biology & Aquarium, located in Checheng Township, Pingtung Country, on the north-west corner of Kenting National Park, foothill face to the sea of Guishan Mountain, alongside both mountain and sea, aims to preserve intact island and ocean ecology enviroment. And we will accommodation in the museum. DAY 4 | National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium ➠Eluanbi Lighthouse ➠ Jialeshuei Scenic Area ➠ Taiwan High-Speed Rail-Taichung Station 【Eluanbi Lighthouse】 https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002122&id=691 Kending's rugged coastline provides some of the area's most outstanding attractions. The most prominent of these must be Eluanbi, also known as "Taiwan's Tail." This is the island's southernmost point. 【Jialeshuei Scenic Area】 https://www.ktnp.gov.tw/en/News_Content.aspx?n=E7540492EC7ADFCE&sms=20AEA0313DE54E2C&s=F06B85657E38FA83 Jialeshuei It used to be known as the Chialuoshui, which means waterfall in Fukienese. After the erosion by the strong wind and sea wave, the rocks of this area form very spectacular shapes, such as sea frog rock, rabbit rock, ball stones, and honeycomb. It is a very good outdoor classroom for geographic.

Travel to Taiwan with Pickleball 4-Day Tour of East Taiwan

DAY 1 | Taiwan High-Speed Rail-Taichung Station ➠Kavalan Whisky Distillery ➠ KILI BAY ➠ National Center for Traditional Arts ➠ Luodong Night Market ➠ Hotel 【Kavalan Whisky Distillery】 http://www.kavalanwhisky.com/en/main.aspx Established in 2005, Kavalan is Taiwan’s first whiskymaker and the nation’s only family-owned whisky distillery. Kavalan takes the old name of Yilan county where the distillery is located in northeastern Taiwan. The pure water and fresh air make this part of the subtropical island the ideal environment for the production of whisky. 【KILI BAY】 https://www.kilibay.net/bubbletea-diy/ Pearl Milk Tea Experience Hall. We will make our own pearl milk tea here. 【National Center for Traditional Arts】 You can stroll casually among artistic creations, listen to elegant music, and enjoy exciting opera performances--and you can even participate in the process of artistic creation yourself. From the Center, you can take a boat and visit the Dong Mountain (Dongshan) River Water Park. 【Luodong Night Market】 Luodong Night Market is the center of local shopping, which has promoted the development of surrounding business districts; Luodong Night Market sells a variety of traditional flavored snacks and goods, cheap clothing stores, shoe stores, snack bars, etc. DAY 2 | Hotel ➠ Gaudie International Art ➠ Tzu Chi University Sports Center ➠ Hotel 【Gaudie International Art】 https://journey.tw/gaudie/ In addition to admiring beautiful glass crafts, you can also make glass crafts yourself. Gaudi Stained Glass provides customers with exquisite and special colored glazed building materials, such as screens, doors and windows: and actively expands the development of art glass in public art and art exhibitions. Develop all kinds of colored glazed gifts, gifts for government organizations and trophies, and jewelry glass accessories. 【Tzu Chi University Sports Center】 Teach and play pickleball. DAY 3 | Hotel ➠ Tzu Chi University Sports Center ➠ Whale World ➠ Hualien Dongdaemun Tourist Night Market ➠ Hotel 【Tzu Chi University Sports Center】 Teach and play pickleball. 【Whale World】 https://www.huadong.com.tw/watchwhale.html Venture out to Hualien and board a whale and dolphin watching cruise. Witness amazing sea views, and catch dolphins and other diverse marine life up-close. Sail to the seas of Hualien, Taiwan and go for a whale-watching cruise. Watch as over 20 species of whales and dolphins, including sperm whales and spinner dolphins, play in their natural habitat. Feel the sea breeze and ride the waves as you follow magnificent marine animals. Join a fun ocean adventure on this whale and dolphin watching cruise. 【Hualien Dongdaemun Tourist Night Market】 More than four hundred booths, from the summer of 2015, it has established a reputation for sightseeing in Hualien with a variety of exciting snacks, games and performances. No matter the local people, tourists from all over the place, to Hualien, it is necessary to visit Take a trip to Dongdaemun Night Market and experience the variety of snacks here. DAY 4 | Hotel ➠ Taroko National Park ➠ Taiwan High-Speed Rail- Taichung Station 【Taroko National Park】 https://eng.taiwan.net.tw/m1.aspx?sNo=0002124&id=R43 Taroko became a national park in 1986, including Hualien County, Nantou County and Taichung City. Taroko is famous for its spectacular mountains and marble canyons. Cliffs and canyons stretch along Liwu River. Four million years ago, the island of Taiwan was formed by the collision of plates. After millions of years of wind erosion, the marble rocks were exposed and cut by Liwu River, creating impressive grand canyons. From Qingshui to Nanhu Peak, the drop height is 3,742 meters. Such special geography has also bred special flora and fauna in this area. The waterfalls characterized Taroko National Park and the most famous ones are Baiyang Waterfall, Yindai Waterfall, Changchun Waterfall, and Lushui Waterfall. Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou) and Tunnel of Nine Turns (Jiuqudong) are the most impressive natural scenes in Taroko and the canyons here are the narrowest. Tourists can appreciate the natural beauty along the tour track. Swallows nest on the cliff, chirping and flying back forth. The Taroko monumental is designed in Chinese style and Changchun Temple is to remember those who sacrificed their lives for building the central highway.

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