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Game of Thrones Ladies Tournament

Game of Thrones Ladies Tournament

Pickleball Global

Starting:May 25, 2019 to May 26, 2019
City:Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


League Overview

The rules and regulations of the league is as follows.
1) Thetournamentisaleagueeventinroundrobinformatandwillbeplayedin the Air-conditioned khar Gymkhana indoor court.
2) TheeventwillcommenceonSaturday25thMay2019@10amsharp.Players are requested to report at 8am to collect their T-shirts. The court will be open from 8 am to 9:45 am for those who want to practice / warm-up
3) Alltheentrieswillbesegregatedaccordingtotheircaliberandpast performance.
4) 4 Groups of 8 players in each team, all the categorized players will be placed accordingly.
5) Thetournamentconsistsofonlydoublesevent.Aplayercannotparticipatein more than one tie in a league. The captain of each group which is categorized as a A player will partner a player equivalent to A in their respective team to play against the opponents in the same format.
In case any team is short of players the lower order of the team will only be allowed to fill in the gap. Captain of each team can decide the replacement but the format will have to be followed. Each ream the captain plays first then the second best players. The rest order can be decided by the captain. The tie sheet needs to be submitted at least 20 Minutes prior to the match.
6) The Scoring system will unique and challenging on
Only Individual match points of all 4 matches will be totaled to decide the winner.
e.g Super smashers and Dink killers play 4 Matches each and super smashers wins 3 Matches and loses one at 4 points so the total for super smashers will be 15* 3 =45 + 4 = 49 . Their total score is 49
Dink killers win one and loses 3 at 13points each so their total will be 15*1=15 + 13*3 =39 so 39+15= 54. Their total score is 54. The winner will be Dink killers in that tie.
The challenge here is to win each game at the lowest score possible.
7) Finalswillbeplayedwiththetwoteamswiththehighestscores.3rdplacewill be played by two teams with the lowest scores, Each tie will be decided on best of 5 only. Since we are only 8 players in a team the captain can repeat one game choosing another player as a partner, she cannot play with the same partner. This is only of the tie is 2 games all. If a team wins 3 matches straight then we do not need to play 4th and 5th, Captain Repeats only if it is 2 all as it is best of 5.
8) Onix g2 balls Yellow colour will be used in the tournament. Non Marking shoes Compulsory.
9) Matcheswillbeplayedonlyonegamerally15points.Incaseofpointallitwill be golden point. Each tie will consist of 4 doubles only Finals 5 Doubles in case itis2all.
10)Finals and 3rd place match will be 11 points normal game each tie will play best of 3. If you will two straight games you need not play the 3rd game. In this the points will not be counted but the number of games your team wins. It is best of 5 games.
11)The Teams Names will be Starks
Targaryens Lannisters White Walkers