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Mid-Atlantic Masters 2020

Mid-Atlantic Masters 2020


Organizer: Sachin Pathare


Starting:October 03, 2020 to October 04, 2020
City:East Brunswick
Home Club:Ss Pickleball
Registration Deadline:September 29, 2020 (CLOSED)
Tier Level: 1

Tournament Location


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Mid-Atlantic Masters is a Round Robin Tournament (non-sanctioned) with Prizes for every match including pool matches.

*** Please note the time listed below is for starting the play so you are expected to arrive 30 mins earlier to complete registration formalities and get ready to be on the court. ***
Men's Doubles
  • 3.0  - Saturday @ 10:30
  • 3.5  - Saturday @   8:00
  • 4.0  - Saturday @   1:30
  • 4.5  - Saturday @ 12:00
  • 55+ - Saturday @   8:00 
Women's Doubles
  • 3.0  - Sunday   @   8:30 
  • 3.5  - Saturday @ 10:30
  • 4.0  - Saturday @  1:00
  • 4.5  - Saturday @  8:00
Mixed Doubles
  • 3.0 -  Sunday @ 1:30
  • 3.5  - Sunday @ 1:30
  • 4.0  - Sunday @ 8:30
  • 4.5  - Sunday @ 12:30
Call for Volunteers
Thank You to everyone who has reached out to volunteer for the event.. we will reach out to you separately. 
If anyone is still interested in volunteering (outside your playing slot) or has further questions, please drop an email to sspickleball@gmail.com with the subject "Volunteering". 
We will be providing protective gear like masks, shields, sanitizers,t-shirts to all volunteers in addition to food, coffee, snacks etc. as we will hold multiple raffles for volunteers with exciting pickleball related gifts from our sponsors including paddles.

Prizes will be awarded to the winning team (including pool matches) Prizes:

  • Prize will be determined based on size of the draw for the divsion
  • Medal/Trophies will be awarded to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place teams in each divisions

Raffle prizes awarded throught the day - all participants will be eligible to win.

Entry Fee:

  • $60 per event
  • $25 additional event

Payment: PayPal (also allows Credit Card Payments)

Registration Deadline: Sept 25, 2020 

Addtional Information:  Food & Beverages:
  • Outdoor Event
  • Surface: Hard Court (Tennis like surface)
  • Ball: Franklin X40
  • Players Age as of Dec 31, 2020
  • When registering online, online waiver signature is used
  • Cancellation Deadline: Sept 27, 2020 (minus $10 Processing Fee). No refunds after deadline date.
  • Water & light snacks will be provided (until supplies last)
  • Players are encouraged to carry their own water & snacks




Tournament Policies:

  • Playing Policy:
    • USAPA rules & guidelines will be followed.
  • Partner Policy
    • Any player losing a partner, can replace them with any player of their choice at the same skill level (age if applicable)
    • Partner changes must be communicated to the organizers by 6pm the day before your event.
  • Inclement Weather Policy:
    • This is an outdoor event, we will make adjustments as needed to make play possible. 
    • Rain Dates for the event are Oct 10th & 11th 
    • If the event is a total washout over 2 weekends, 50% registration fee will be reimbursed to all participants.

COVID Guidelines:

  • Organizers will take utmost precautions to provide safest possible player experience
  • We encourage everyone to be responsible and make a decision that is in everyone’s best interest
  • We will be providing players with a care package - with sanitizer, mask, gloves. However, we strongly advise everyone to carry additional supplies
  • We need all participants to strictly comply with the NJ State Travel Advisory guidelines
  • Eveyone is expected to adhere to all city, state and national guidelines. Key links below for reference:
  • Participants will be screened for temperature daily and we will NOT allow anyone with a temperature of 99F degrees or higher at the venue.
  • Participants are required to follow social distancing guidelines and wear masks at the venue except when on the court playing (where it will be optional) or when eating/drinking
  • Organizers reserve the right to cancel the event if they determine any risks associated with COVID-19


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