Corkscrew Pickleball League

Corkscrew Pickleball League

Starting:February 02, 2022 to March 16, 2022
City:Estero, FL, USA
Draw Type: Round robin

Team League Location

City:Estero, FL, USA

Home Club: Corkscrew Shores


League Overview

Play will be on Wednesdays, at 6:00 or 7:30 pm according to the schedule.  The location is set by the schedule and also noted by who is the host team.  The host team must coordinate court reservations, gate access, and any other instructions for play, usually handled captain to captain.  The home team is responsible to report the scores to K.J.  K.J.’s cell phone is 239.682.2201, or Pete, Pete's Cell Phone 239-848-6943 (text is best for Pete) 


Rosters will be comprised of 8 players, any combination of those players can make up the 4 player team per match. The use of a player not on your roster will result in the loss of the match.  Teams may not use a player that is on the roster of another team, doing so will result in loss of the match.  If you have not filled your 8 roster spots, and you need a sub, you can add them with K.J. mid-season but must be done prior to the match, and the person cannot be on another team's roster.  Only players who have played in a minimum of one regular-season match are eligible for playoffs, even if they are on the roster.  This will prevent playoff day ringers. Rosters for all teams will be provided to each captain prior to the season.  Updates and additions to rosters, if allowed by rule, will be sent to each captain only when approved changes are made.


Four players per team will represent their team in the match and will be paired into teams, A and B, this designation is not skill-level, just team pairings. Prior to the match, the visiting team captain will provide the host team captain with their pairings, and the host team will be allowed to choose the match-ups.  This will rotate from week to week for fairness purposes.


Matches will be best 2 out of 3 sets, to 15 points, win by one.  If the match results are split after the A’s and B’s play, one A team member, and one B team member will play together as the tie-breaker team.  Again, as in the first round, the visiting team captain will provide the host team captain with their pairing, and the host team will be allowed to choose their corresponding team.  The tie-breaker match will be 1 set to 11 win by one, switch sides at 6. All matches will be allowed one, 60-second timeout per team, per set. The home team chooses side/serve at the beginning of each match, and all subsequent sets will alternate.


In the event of an injury or a player no-showing, place the missing person in the B match, and still play the A match.  The B match will be an automatic loss for the team without the player, but if their A team wins, those two games will be a split, and tiebreaker rules will be used to determine match outcome.  One player from the winning A team, and the solo B player will make up the tiebreaking team for the short-handed team.


We will use the USAPA official rules set ( as our guide, but provided this is a fun league, sportsmanship and discretion is encouraged.  


The official league ball is the Franklin X40, and you will be provided three from the league.  Any balls needed after that will need to be provided by the players.

Make-ups for rainouts will be the immediate Sunday following the missed date, at 2pm for 6:30 games, and 3pm for 7:30 games, at the court identified in the schedule.

Only Organizer can change settings.