Q: What is “My Page?”
A: My Page is your very own Pickleball Profile. Use it to post pictures, share with your friends and keep track of all your results in pickleball competition.
Q: Who can use My Page?
A: Everyone who is enthusiastic about their pickleball lifestyle!
Q: Who can see posts on My Page?
A: You can control who can see your posts. Adjust the settings in “Edit Profile.”
Q: What is “Events in My Network?”
A: PG uses your location to find events in your local area that are hosted on PG – bringing pickleball players together wherever they go!
Q: How do I find other players’ profiles and talk to them?
A: My Page will suggest other players for you to connect with based on your location and the players you have already connected with. To search for players, coaches, groups or teams, click on “Connect” at the top of the page and select from the drop down. This will take you to a search page.

Ladder Leagues

Q: What is a ladder league?

A: A ladder league enables players to compete against others in their own age or skill range while maintaining the same partner throughout the season. League champions will move “up the ladder” to play in sectional, state, regional, and even national competition.
Q: Who can organize a league?
A: Each league will have one or more local League Coordinator(s) to run the league. PG staff will assist League Coordinators with anything related to the PG website or app. Issues such as contacting players, resolving disputes and organizing facilities will be the responsibility of the local LC.
Q: Who can play in the league?
A: Anyone with a pickleball paddle and desire to compete! Divisions are organized by age and/or skill and the number of teams will be decided by the local LC. 
Q: How do the matches and seasons work?
A: Seasons can run between 4 to 8 weeks and teams will play 1 or 2 matches per week. Depending on the number of matches, teams can play each other in 1 or 2 rotations. PG automatically sets the order of matches. The LC can set a match day and time or the teams themselves can communicate to ensure that all matches are played within the week that they are scheduled.
Q: Why should I play? 
A: All Ladder League champions will win a prize – a FREE PADDLE courtesy of PICKLEBALL GLOBAL and our sponsors!
Are you interested in Ladder Leagues? Click here to create or join a league!

Team Leagues

Q: What is a team league?
A: PG Team League enables communities with courts or local facilities to compete against one another with teams of pickleball players.
Q: Who can play in a Team League? 
A: Teams can be organized based on age, skill, or both. Players will be placed on a roster that represents the local facility or club.
Q: Who can organize a Team League?
A: Local League Coordinators will decide on the number of players per roster, the number of courts per match, and the number of points awarded for each court win. The LC can also customize the rules of the league (ie: game to 11, 15, 21; win by 1 or 2 points, etc).
Q: How do the matches and seasons work?
A: The LC must work with each community to schedule the courts on a home/away match basis. PG sets the order of the matches. Captains of each team can assign players to each court on the day of the match and report the scores directly to the system.
Q: What if I want to know how I perform individually?
A: PG keeps track of team performance as well as the individual player performance through our revolutionary MVP ranking system. Players are ranked by wins, as well as points for and against, regardless of skill or age. The top players in the league will be awarded a prize…a FREE PADDLE courtesy of PICKLEBALL GLOBAL and our sponsors!
Are you interested in Team Leagues? Click here to create or join a league!