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Asia Flex League Singapore

Asia Flex League Singapore



Starting:September 09, 2020 to November 30, 2020
Tier Level: 3

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All divisions are closed for this tournment.
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Important Notes and Disclaimer

Prevention and containment of COVID-19 is the top concern. League shall start only if the situation improves and further resumption of activities is allowed by the Multi-Ministry Taskforce. Therefore, there will be a possibility of changes, postponement or cancellation. Strict adherence to safe distancing measures. The Organisers shall not, in any event, be held liable for any injury or loss as a result of the player’s participation in the event. All players are advised to have personal accident insurance cover.

About the League

Following life under a new norm. SPA is pleased to present the first-ever FLEX League. Flexible location, flexible play date and time, mutually agreed by the matching players. To initiate and build up local player statistics to support a competition structure applicable for both national and international tournaments. Demonstrate socially responsibility and sensibility and compete under safe distancing measures. Self-officiating and self-submission of match results to Organisers. Let’s show our creativity, integrity and sportsmanship to make play possible even in this current climate.

Registration Information

Registration Dates – 8 Aug 2020 (Sat) to 4 Sep 2020 (Fri) or a max of 300 participants, whichever comes first. Flight Schedule Announcement Date – 11 Sep 2020 (Friday) on Pickleball Global. Fees: - Age below *55 years old, SGD 12 per participant per event. - Age *55 years old an above, SGD 4.80 per participant per event. Apply Coupon Code "Senior" during check out. - Inclusive free one year SPA Provisional Membership. - Participants age shall be as at 1 Jan 2020. - Payment deadline shall be 7 Sep 2020. Divisions are organised by player age. As a guide, player’s rating registration will be verified to past national tournament results. Tournament Director shall have the rights to reclassify the player’s rating and the player shall be informed accordingly.

Game Format

Players can participate in as many events as they wish, as the league will be played over 10 weeks. Players may elect to “play-up”, e.g. - Skill 3.0+ can also participate in 4.0+. - Age 60+ can also participate in 50+. Unless otherwise stated, game rules shall be referenced from the USAPA/IFP 2020 Official Rulebook, which can be found on www.usapickleball.org. Game Format - Round Robin League (1 or more flights, followed by Single Elimination). Match Format - - 3 games and players shall play all games (3-0, 2-1, 1-2, 0-3). - 11 point match for singles, first to reach 11 points shall be the winner. - 15 point match for doubles, first to reach 15 points shall be the winner. - No line judges. - Only final matches, at the discretion of the organisers, may be refereed. Results will be published on www.pickleball.global Divisions may be combined if there are insufficient entries. Tournament Director reserves the rights to modify the divisions and format.

Other Information

A Player’s Handbook providing more details of the games and league shall be published with the Flights Schedule announcement. All equipment necessary for play shall be provided by matching players themselves, not limiting to nets, portable net system, balls, court tapes etc. Players are expected to liaise and coordinate amongst themselves prior to the mutually agreed match date. The official ball for this league shall be Yellow Onix Sports Fuse G2 Outdoor Ball, for both indoor and outdoor courts. One free official ball will be given for every registered event. Any paddle meeting the specifications listed under Section 2.E of the USAPA/IFP 2020 Official Rulebook and/or USAPA approved paddles may be used in this league. Approved paddle listing can be found on https://equipment.usapickleball.org/. Due to the nature of the league, players are to expect that court specifications and equipment shall not be uniform or standardised across the entire league, or in accordance to the USAPA/IFP 2020 Official Rulebook. Examples not limited to the following, - Deviations if utilising existing badminton net posts available on outdoor courts. Rules pertinent to Permanent Object shall apply accordingly. - Player effort required to mark additional Non-Volley Line over badminton courts. - Differing court surfaces. - Games may be played on both indoor and outdoor courts. All players shall support contact tracing by installing the latest version of the TraceTogether app and keeping it active. All players and participants shall abide by relevant authority advisories on COVID-19. Please help in the league as Volunteers and Referees. If you would like to amend or remove your registration, or any other queries, please send to hello@pickleballassociation.sg.

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