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SPC Event Blast

SPC Event Blast

Organizer: Alex Camara


Starting:June 29, 2019 to June 29, 2019
City:2900 E Pythian St, Springfield, MO 65802, USA
Register Deadline:June 30, 2019

Let’s have some Amazing Fun! Please join me in participating in this new tournament I am hosting powered by the Pickleball Global League & Tournament Software. Pickleball Global is a software company that provides a one stop destination for leagues, tournaments, communication between Pickleball players and Global rankings. They allow players to earn points for league and tournament play over the course of a calendar year. No more mathematical formulas, earn points for your play in your state, country and by your age category. Registration for this tournament will provide you with access to all of the amazing features of Pickleball Global. To sign up for your free account please go to https://pickleball.global/ Once you have an account you will be able to sing up for leagues and tournaments that we create in your area through the software. Thank you for participating Alex :) No more two and out for any team. this event wil be mix and match only, yet you pick a partner. You will know about what time you play, so no more long wait. I LOVE THAT, YOU!?

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